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Residence Colombo in Viareggio is 9 Km far from Camaiore. Camaiore is a municipality of over 30,000 inhabitants that stretches for about 84 square km from the enchanting heights of Apuan Alps to the Ligurian Sea, in the heart of Versilia, an area rich in charme and traditions. Its territory can be ideally subdivided into four big areas: the hills of Seimiglia, the chief town with its valley, the plane of Capezzano and the shore of Lido di Camaiore.
The highest slopes of mountains are covered by woods of mediterranean scrub that, going upper, becomes alpine grazing land. The plane that divides the coast from the hills is by now quite completely urbanized, even if many spaces are used for an intensive agriculture of high quality. Some little oases maintain the original features of the marshy territory of the mediterranean coastal planes. The climate featuring the municipality of Camaiore is typical of Versilia, influenced by the sea effects: mild in winter and not too hot in summer.
Actually, in few places in the world we can find such a combination of landscapes and sceneries: from the seaside to the hills, from the mountains to the lake, from the beach to the park of the Apuan Alps.
The municipal territory includes 24 hamlets and, among all these, the most famous and populated: Lido di Camaiore, a well-known seaside resort with sandy shores, and Capezzano Pianore, very famous in the past for the production of strawberries and nowadays expecially for its state-of-the-art floriculture in Europe. However, a particular consideration has to be given to all the hill settlements, rich in history, traditions and wonderful landscapes.

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