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Antro del Corchia

Antro del Corchia

Discovered in 1841 by geologist Giuseppe Simi, the Antro del Corchia is the most impressive karst complex in Italy, in fact connected to the Abyss Farolfi and Abyss Farolfi Fighiera, reaches 1,210 m deep with about 64 Km of tunnels explored and wells .

The karst cave is located at the foot of Mount Corchia in the Apuan Alps, in the village of Stazzema in the province of Lucca, and can be visited with a guide through a path of about 2 km equipped with walkways and steel steps. The visit has a duration of 2 hours and takes place at a constant temperature of 7.6 ° C with a maximum of 43 m altitude.

A shuttle, at scheduled times, connects the town of Levigliani to the entrance of the cave known as “Buca del Serpente” which shows beautiful concretions of calcium carbonate, an imposing conical stalagmite called “The Gendarme”, stalactites, flows and croutons with colors ranging from red to white and brown, and underwater formations called “Cave of Pearls”.

Tunnels follow each other offering new scenarios, including waterfalls, wells, ponds and streams, from Franosa to the Gallery of the English, with the walls covered with small regular cavity, witnesses of a past scroll of groundwater; from the groundwater source Friday Gallery, with a concretion in the shape of an eagle with outstretched wings and a stalagmite group called “Capanna Troglodyte”, the fossil concretions Petrified Forest.

Particularly striking the Gallery of the Stalactites with lace stone, drapes and flows from the infinite variety of shapes and colors, mirrored in the water, they create a unique natural unforgettable spectacle.

The entrance ticket to the cave includes a visit to Levigliani Museums which has historical and environmental significance, the Museum of community and Businesses Working and the Bend Stones Museum , located near the ticket office and, for a small charge, allows the guided tour of the Silver Mines, the oldest of Tuscany. In August we also organize suggestive at night visits.

Open from March 12 to January 8, with runs from 11:00, 10:00 in August.
Until June 19, and from September 11 to December 18, open only weekends and holidays , from 20 June to 11 September, every day.
Special Christmas open from 19 December to 8 January: every day except 25 December and 1 January.
In August night race at 21:00 on reservation.
Openings out calendar appointment of groups of at least 20 people.

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